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Automatic Lens Edger in Equipment Troubleshooting and Repair

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Our three core areas are “Learning, Services, and Engineering”. We develop human capacity, proficient in proper equipment handling and facilities management to increase productivity, maintaining approved standards, improving others and saving costs. We bridge the gap between the demand and supply for skilled technicians for services industries, scientific and medical institutions.

We offer the following programs as courses, seminars and workshops:

Easy Learn Practical Electronics

Basic Electricity and Electronics; to create, design, fabricate and make stuff works. The courses integrates different learning adventures, and styles from experienced instructors and professionals to impact students​, aspiring technicians and engineers with skills in diverse technology areas. And technical personnel with on the job training.

Basic Biomedical Equipment Repair and Instrumentation

To impart students and participants with relevant enriching knowledge to making equipment perform its primary functions: for safety; proper set up; good configuration; and timely calibration to deliver as expected.

Services Support:

We consolidate our strength by equipping biomedical and engineering personnel with skills, giving service support as necessary from the process of planning through design to implementations.

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