Basics Hands-on Training Electronic Mechanic Work

Our focus is to provide the basic hands-on training electronic mechanic work. As expected, this is for individuals who desires on job oriented training in electrical electronics. We aspire to bridging the gap between the demand and supply a skilled technician for industries, scientific and medical institutions through the practical electronics online,

Practical Electronics Components and Techniques
Practical Electronics Components and Techniques

The Practical Electronics Course Online with training seminars activities focuses on basic hands-on training electronic for electrician, medical equipment career for technician and customer services support technician in the following areas; 

  • understanding practical electronics components and techniques,
  • practical electronics circuits projects,
  • circuits designs, practical instruments electronics,
  • and practical electronics questions.
  • knowledge with ability to solve problems related to troubleshoot equipment problems and
  • do-it-yourself projects for electronic makers, and
  • electronic design basics

Customer Services Support

With the customer service support, we helps technicians possess skills and








Hey, you now have the opportunity to enroll in the basic hands-on training electrical electronic for electrician, biomedical equipment technician, and users. Focus subjects include knowledge of control devices, medical equipment technologies, equipment for monitoring and observation of home and business; small appliances repair, access control systems and lots more. Feel free to explore free resources or visit private for VIP group.

Customer Service Support
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