Basics Hands-on Training Electronic Mechanic Work

Our basic hands on electronic mechanic work is home for technician, users, and individuals with interest in practical skills electronics. This is of great benefit for electrical electronics technician desiring on job oriented training.

We serve industries, laboratory and hospital with a skilled technician through rich online tips and practical electronics online course. In spite of that, we do have training seminars activities.

Practical Electronics Components and Techniques
Practical Electronics Components and Techniques

Members in our programs would grab skills related to design, testing, maintenance, assembly, construction and repairs; including ability to offer customer service support, planning and any other engineering services work. Our focus areas include access control, security, monitoring, and production process. Most contents are free but you register as a member to derive more benefits. Otherwise you remain a guest. Register to join a membership group or enroll as a trainee now and you will be glad you did.

Membership Group

When you join a membership group, you will practically knows everything about appliances, devices working principles, design, operation, common faults and troubleshooting. VIP Insider group contains all, then DIY Practical Electronic Group followed by Free membership which allow you on our mailing list and receive updates. Our subject include electrical safety, electricity basics and basic electronics.

Yet, we have program for medical equipment  technician which helps technicians have skills to set up, maintain and repair instrumentation control devices.  Meanwhile, troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems and appliances, solving equipment problems in hospital..

Technical Support

We value our customers, therefore we commit to first class customer services. This we offer through Customer Services Support  group which equip technicians for their job and ongoing projects. We also offer for sale electrical electronic components and materials, electronic circuit boards OEM equipment and parts.

Customer Service Support
Services Support

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