How to Build Your Electric Car

Check the book below to know how to build your electric Car

Build Your Own A Electric Vehicle. from JORGE SCHLEE

Could you believe that I spent more than 25 hours every week driving my car powered by petrol and could you imagine how much of fuel (petrol)is consumed on daily basis coupled with associated environmental pollution? Come and see vehicles lined up moving slowly to their destinations emitting gaseous waste from the exhaust pipe. I am not very happy about this, if i could get or convert my car to an electric vehicle I will be glad to do it especially if I can power it with solar panels.

If we are able to build and use cars using electricity, we will contribute less pollution to the ozone layer, and we will stop buying fuel (some people may not like this though) but it is for our good if the atmosphere is free of pollution.
It would be fun to build the electric car. I will try it. I hope you do too, we could do it together if you do not mind. It’s fun to do!

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