What can we do with oscillators?

An oscillator is used to generate a repetitive and periodic waveform of desired shape, frequency, and amplitude and you will find one in practically every electronic apparatus. It is either used to drive a load or to drive other circuits. Listed below are characteristic shapes of some oscillators.

Some signals are combined or mixed together to alter the shape and characteristics output to achieved a particular purpose.

Different types of oscillators find useful application in the following areas but not limited to these:

  • Signal broadcast by radio and television transmitters
  • Electronic test equipment for example signal generator and hearing aids
  • Radio broadcasting/transmitting and receiving for example RFID
  • Clock and timing signals that regulates control, computers and clocks
  • Music and sound produced by electronic organ, synthesizer, and beepers
  • Converts direct current (DC) supply to alternating current (AC) signals
  • Heat generation in induction and dielectric heating f.e microwave oven
  • Imaging for example ultrasound
  • Cleaning as in ultrasonic cleaner

The use of oscillators are too numerous to mention. Can you think of any other use?