Initialize Auto Lens Edger

The primary function of auto lens Edger is to cut a spherical lens to required shape determined by size and shape of frame to accommodate the lens. The machine can cut lens to fit to rim frame likewise frame with no rim. For this particular machine,  a pattern/format maker cuts a piece of plastic material to typical pattern which corresponds to the shape and size expected of the lens. Then you transfer the pattern so formed to the appropriate position on the machine via the template retainer lever for the auto lens edger; meanwhile, the spherical lens is firmly positioned in the grip arm on top of a set of diamond wheels. The pattern/template and the lens rotate simultaneously rubbing slowly on top of fast-moving diamond wheels. While the lens pattern and glass lens rotates anticlockwise (when you face the machine), the set of diamond wheels rotates clock wisely.

You have options to select lens size, shape of the edge for rimmed or specs with no rim. The point of contact between the glass and wheels is water cool so it is important to ensure your water pump is working fine to avoid breaking glass, destroying wheels’ surface, and possible flame. You have to initialize (also known as calibration) the machine setting before use to avoid inconsistent size and shape.

While working on this machine, I noticed the size cut is either too big or too small with partially no escape route to the problem until I re initialize the machine. This I will translate to mean calibrating the machine afresh. There are still many reasons to initialize or re-initialize the machine when painless and smooth working with the machine is difficult due to the following:

  • When you have any part of Diamond Wheel Worn.
  • When the difference between the actual lens size and the digital number becomes too big
  • When the change of lens position to the wheel is require

You cannot carry out the exercise if you don’t have the operation manual. For this one I have the procedure and how I carried out the process recorded in a video which will guide you if you have this particular machine or will intimate you how to do it if you have a different machine model, but the most important thing is to request the operation manual from the manufacturer if you don’t have one.

The problem this machine has before I came in was the machine has its main electric motor (for the diamonds) wedged and its giving off burning smell typical of a burned coil so I have to dismantle and take the motor to a coil re winder. I don’t really understand why the motor of a new machine got stuck but I think it may be because of a locked carriage put in place to secure the carriage in place when transporting it which you need to unlock before you ever start the machine.

Information worthy of note which I like to pass is the motor driving the lens clamp rated at 220 V AC whereas supply from the power board is 115 V AC so I have to create a means to making the motor run effectively.

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