The Electronics Knack

Curitiba Welcome to the journal which addresses issues relating to devices technologies usage, application, care and maintenance suitable for manufacturers to showcase their products, users to learn basic care and maintenance, technicians to enlarge their knowledge base, sales and managers in all aspects including medicine, homes, security, aviation, business, energy and etc. familiar with or knowledgeable in new trend in device technology.

The difference between the technology of the past and now is the ease with which equipment fails within shortest time as if they are produced to last awhile. In the past when you buy a device, except for gross abuse or users’ error, the machine is ready again to serve you after a minor adjustment or mere switch ON/OFF to reset, nowadays opposite is the case with tons of burdensome equipment junks littered around some places. While modernization is a welcoming idea, the idea of replacement against durability will leave nothing but disposal problems where recycling is not well embraced. However, despite propaganda by many ‘compromise manufacturers’ to keep them in continuous mass productions, many manufacturers maintains still their established integrity and veracity.

Therefore we need to understand some basics even as technology users so as to enjoy and relish its services while it last. Some knowledge of how equipment works, latest trends in development, users’ level care and maintenance, small to medium appliances repair, equipment reviews and market inclinations are necessities for equipment users, policy makers and decision takers. Some sections however address the needs of not only techies but beginners in electronics, technology and hobbyist with ideas in vogue aiming at enlarging their minds multiplying their experience. We should not forget so as not to lag, the age we are in – ‘the information age’ which reminds us of rapid changes occurring every moment.

We need also to join hands to lessen irreparable damages to the climate and bio diversity through ignorant dispose of and exit of prohibited refrigerant from old refrigerators and air conditioners to the atmosphere. It is painful seeing local HVAC technicians opened valve and allowing gas escape into free air which is not proper for the atmosphere; just consider the environmental pollution and damages to the ozone. Not only this, indiscriminate use of fossil fuels to power homes and in vehicles is grossly polluting the surrounding, limiting life expectancy through strange incurable sickness ; therefore knowledge of alternative energy sources, production, use and management is very important.

This paper ‘Electronics Knack’, may not report all the societal needs to solve prevailing, existing or future problems at a glance, but we will strive to bring to our subscribers first hand information to meet our needs as they arise.


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