Why is Electricity Indispensable?

Have ever wonder the grace upon mankind due to the resources we are blessed with? And strictly speaking the advent of electricity opens many doors to better and high standard of living. I do not think there is any place where we human lives that has not tasted parts of electricity, however I cannot deny the fact that despite widespread use of electricity, the benefits still eludes many. These commodity open doors of industrial revolution and the present information age we are presently are not sustainable if we underrate its existence.

If we clamor for massive youth employment which is often the slogan of any new government in developing countries especially, we have to pay serious attention to developing and consolidate our power and energy sector. Many would be entrepreneur of small to large-scale enterprisesĀ are helplessĀ for lack of electric power because many industrial processes cannot complete without it. Mention any sector of the economy where electricity is not important? – Health, information or industrial.

As with food whose processes involve many things before getting to your dining table, processes of making electricity available is also involving. Generating, Distribution and Marketing are three major areas for any business producing electricity which create many enterprises for users.

Users employ electricity for lighting, heating/cooling, chemical processes, sound, motion or mechanical and in many other complex arenas, which is technically called effects of electricity.

For any person who desires a career in any engineering field be it sales, design, production or services knowledge of electricity is pertinent to success because hardly could you find any equipment not requiring the use of this resources, even purely mechanical devices like cars and caterpillars not to mention small household appliances. Understanding Basic Electricity and Electronics is a prerequisite to giant strides in biomedical electronics, electro-medical and industrial electricity and electronics.

If you live in a country where electricity is an essential commodity, you could generate small electricity for lighting purpose by burning fuel which is not the best for ecology meanwhile the use of fuel could be minimized when you know how to adequately store and convert the power for later use. However the advent of solar electricity and other renewable energy sources gas open doors for green energy.




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