How do you install a lamp dimmer switch?

When you need to control the intensity of a lamp or dim it, you will need a light or lamp dimmer for this job. You could get this to buy but where you need a customized for your application, you may have to build one yourself. Here is a 12 V/24 V tested lamp dimmer circuit you can build. According to (Vandervort, HomeTips 1997), there are different types of lamp dimmers: plug-in table or floor dimmers; in-line lamp cord dimmers; and lamp base dimmers.

To install an in-line lamp cord dimmers either the mains lamp Dimmer or low voltage DC type suitable for microscopes also suitable to control small dc motor, you connect it the same way you would install an inline toggle switch on a lamp cord. When you buy the dimmer from authentic source, it will come with instructions, or follow these steps

  1. Unplug the lamp from the socket, peel and separate the two wires in the lamps cord.
  2. Check the wires to determine which one is neutral and which one is hot—the hot wire has smooth insulation, and you will rib the neutral wire. Slice the hot wire where you wish to install your dimmer.
  3. For DC application there is no hot or neutral wire, connect the switch in-between the sliced positive (red or brown wire whatever the color is)
  4. Strip about one inch of insulation off both ends of the cut hot wire.
  5. Unscrew and remove the cover of the dimmer switch. Place the neutral wire along the inside of the switch box, as specified by the manufacturer. Put the cut ends of the hot wire under the two terminal clamps, and fasten them in place by turning the screws.
  6. Screw the dimmer switch’s cover back into place. Plug the lamp in, and check to make sure the new switch is functioning.

Some CFL bulbs will not work correctly with dimmer switches while some require a special dimmer; any type of incandescent bulbs is perfect for the dimmer. I have not tried with LED but I think that would not be a problem. You could use the dimmer switch to control appliances using electric motor provided the power rating on dimmer switch is not exceeded.