The Importance of Low Voltage Battery Disconnect

Especially in Power Management Systems and Low Power Designs where battery used as backup or remote sensing it is imperative to include a mechanism to cut off demands from the battery bank at a convenient States of Discharge to safeguard the battery against premature damage. Inadequate provision for this requirement is responsible for failure of most solar power system where batteries are not well charged and drain out through exhaustion preventing users from appreciating benefits inherent in alternative energy system.

A good photo voltaic backup power systems should maintain the battery for reasonable length of time. It is therefore essential to include a device to cut the loads off the battery and this property is found in Low Voltage Battery Disconnect or LVBD for short. This device will automatically maintain healthy state of discharge of the battery. The device helps save killing the battery when the battery is not charging.

Get a typical design circuit and construction of a Low Voltage battery Disconnect.

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