Clarion Call! Wanted Contributors.

We can do a lot and achieve a lot together when we collaborate. No one does it better, few  do it alone but may not go so far. Collaboration unleashes the power of many to do together what none can do alone. Success means having the right people doing YES and Saying YES. We can achieve more together. Are you ready to collaborate with us?

Do you have access to specialized knowledge and experience in electricity and electronics especially relevant to biomedical equipment and instruments; home and industrial appliances and willing to share? Areas of interest are equipment design, construction, maintenance and repair; installation and troubleshooting/repair including many other relevant contents (you can visit our website to see what’s all about). Other concerns are health informer; Sure Success media Info.

Your contributions will be publicly acknowledged and credited to you. It might be a lecture or series of lectures; an e-book or article(s), administrative or publicity or financial assistance to make our dream come true. We can work it out together what you value most for compensation.

For more information and further discussion, contact me through one of my pages or send me an email to

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