How to Make a Remote Control Light?

There are many wireless lamp switches on the market at very good prices – however their wireless range is often limited compared to what you want. So if you want to make a light turn on and off remotely from about 100-200 feet away, a sure-bet is to use a wireless remote control receiver switch. It has relays in the receiver board corresponding to the number of lights (or group of lights) you would like to control. It is suitable to control a range of other devices like garage doors, window blinds as well as many devices as you may think of.

Other version of this wireless module employs WiFi or Bluetooth technology which helps you whether you want to turn on your furnace from your mobile phone when coming home from work or have your lights turn on at dusk or off at dawn, and lots more. The control board contained a relay or more and it is wireless coupled to the remote switch. Relay has sets of normally opened or normally closed contact which is simply to close or open a contact. When you understand how it works, configure and connect it well to your device, then it will bid your command at will. See below in the video a demonstration of how to use the wireless remote control switch.

Additional advantage of smart home WiFi modules include the ability to turn ON or Off devices using your phone from anywhere and it’s not restricted to a particular distance range.

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