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Result oriented individual with over 25 years experience in equipment maintenance, from the design to completion, including proper use, safety and functionality; an innovative personality with tremendous knowledge and education in quality assurance, research and development. With services and managerial roles at technical level also leading and developing others, maintaining excellent interpersonal relationships at all levels, also enjoying the challenge of bringing about efficiency for the business through inspiring teams to meet their goals and personal objectives.

Applications of Transformer 

The fundamental application of transformer includes Isolation Protection ⚡ Voltage Conversion as you normally encounter in distribution and power supply and Impedance Matching as employed for instance in amplification Some people are confused when they encounter transformer with multiple leads whether they are troubleshooting or fabricating, and some of the reasons are they don’t know which…

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Direct Ophthalmoscopes’ Instruments Repair

Ophthalmoscope Anatomy Introduction/Purpose Direct ophthalmoscope is an eye care instrument most commonly used for routine examination of the fundus and can also be used to examine the ocular structures of the eye from the anterior surface to the retina. Instrument for eye exam: a medical instrument used for examining the inside of the eye to…

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How We Rescue an Ailing Slit Lamp

Many ideas came to our mind – me and my team of two other technicians Wale and Ishmael. We thought about Silicon Controlled Rectifier such as thyristor; triac used phase angle control; Pulse Width Modulated; Stepped Transformer; and the idea of using a micro controller or microprocessor and the idea of getting the faulty PSU…

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Dimmer Switches – A Simple Way to Brighten Your Life

By Michael Casamento   Installing a dimmer switch in place of a standard on-off type switch can save you considerable money on your electric bills. In addition, a dimmer switch can add ambience to any room’s environment by giving you precise control over the lighting level. Lower light levels are great for setting a dramatic mood. Dining…

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Basic Computer Maintenance Tips

Any computer system Desktop, laptop, or dedicated systems are made of two main categories of components called hardware and software. Reliability of your PC depends on the health of your hardware and the software. Hardware components are; the central processing unit (CPU), the drives, ups, memory cards, keyboard or keys if any, power supplies and…

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Medical Laboratory Equipment Repair and Maintenance Solutions

By Jeremy Linder

Count on Quality Service Providers for Repair and Maintenance Solutions for Medical Equipment

Perfect functioning of medical lab equipment permits lab procedures to keep on going accurately and efficiently. Research facilities, healthcare centers, educational institutions and universities benefit from medical laboratory equipment repair and maintenance solutions to a great extent. Electrolyte analyzer, immunology analyzer, coagulation analyzer, co-oximeters, hematology analyzer, and blood gas analyzer are some medical devices that are often repaired and maintained. Timely and on-site maintenance of these devices is essential for consistent performance. Maintenance is inevitable for even high quality laboratory equipment to avoid any kind of breakdown. Medical laboratory equipment dealers also provide specialized after sales service to enhance the working of the equipment they sell.

Make Sure of the Reliable Performance of Your Medical Equipment

As time passes, the productivity of equipment is largely affected. Hence quality assurance procedures ensure functional competence and longevity of the medical lab equipment. The support of CCR-certified medical equipment suppliers can help to provide timely repair services at affordable rates. Experienced and qualified technicians repair and maintain all types of laboratory equipment featuring different technology and specifications. Regular and organized service often guarantees obligatory safety codes and standards for extended usage. Timely maintenance service also reduces the downtime of devices.

Take advantage of the service offered by trained technicians to assess the medical equipment and ensure flawless functioning. It is necessary to have timely maintenance solutions with respect to manufacturer’s stipulations when to components or reassembled. This allows enhanced performance with precision, thus ensuring total productivity and efficacy of medical laboratory equipment.

Bottom-line Benefits of Quality Repair and Maintenance Service

Are you looking for quality service for your laboratory equipment? Then always make sure to find trained and skilled technicians to repair and maintain lab equipment. Customized annual service contract is a good option. With efficient repair and maintenance service, steady performance is guaranteed for your equipment. Moreover, time bound in-house services and preventive maintenance also lower downtime to a great extent. You can also have the right to access extended warranty for putting back the medical laboratory equipment into seamless working order. In addition, you can have depot service deals for repair and maintenance of even smaller parts of medical equipment. Sales and supply of equipment parts in accordance with the present requirements keep your lab equipment up-to-date with the latest technology.

Association with a trustworthy provider of medical laboratory equipment repair and maintenance solutions always keeps your medical equipment in good operational condition for a long time. To obtain on-site service at affordable pricing it is better to partner with a CCR certified dealer. Such a dealer will offer quick and dependable services. Flawless and systematized maintenance solutions at all times help to reduce capital investment for purchasing devices of new make.

Established in 1980, Block Scientific is recognized for its outstanding efficiency in supplying the lab equipment ideal for your requirements. Our laboratory equipment selection is wide and varied.

Article Source:

Linder, J. (2012, February 1). Medical Laboratory Equipment Repair and Maintenance Solutions. Retrieved March 31, 2016, from­Laboratory-­Equipment-­Repair-­and-­Maintenance-­Solutions&id=6855318



Computer Help: Where and How to Get It

Your personal computer (PC) or computer system is valuable and indispensable which well maintained and care for to get the best out of it for personal or business use. However, no matter how well maintained the PC or system is, we all encounter problems which is minor and temporary and sometimes catastrophic. However, existing are abundant resources to walk us through the issues and the purpose of this article is to show how to access them. Consider the following guides:

  1. Help Files: We often get carried away forgetting that we can access solution to a problem through the help files that came with every program installed in the computer, even the operating system has its help file and that’s is the first place to access in case of trouble. Help files designed not only to guide the usage of a computer; they’re also designed to solve problems. Inside a help file, look for a section called, “Troubleshooting” (or something similar) when you need to resolve an issue. This section is for solving problems specific to the software or hardware that you’re using.
  2. Product websites: If you’re having a problem with a piece of software or with a hardware part, try the website of that software’s or hardware’s manufacturer. Most (if not all) manufacturer’s reserve a portion of cyberspace and dedicate it to support the products that they build. Microsoft’s help desk is good example.
  3. Users Forum: through the user’s forum also known as ‘fan sites’ you can find websites that dedicated toward supporting the users of a particular software program or piece of hardware. They are the maintainers of these sites even though they have no affiliation with the manufacturers that they support! They offer immeasurable free help and unique problem solving techniques that we have today. PC support groups or user groups are another option for help. These are groups that meet in libraries, computer stores, or other local areas and they discuss all sorts of issues related with a particular product. Even if you aren’t experiencing a computer or software problem, user groups are fun to participate in and they can help you network into other interests such as job or teaching opportunities.
  4. Usenet Newsgroups: Another underused resource on the Internet, Usenet newsgroups have hundreds of discussion groups dedicated to some of the most popular computer systems, operating systems, hardware manufacturers, and individual software programs. Sometimes, the representatives of these companies participate, but most of the time, the support in this group is user to user, which is just as valid because you’re working with a team of experienced people.
  5. Support Lines: Another source for help that we shouldn’t forget is the support systems of various manufacturers. You can reach these systems by calling the phone number associated with the product that you’re having trouble with. Calls are free (1-800 or 1-877 number), or they may cost a small fee (1-900).
  6. Sales Person: it is surprising to know that you could obtain helps from the sales rep or salesperson at your local computer store. However, don’t make this the first option to explore otherwise it may discouraging if you don’t get the help required from them, but we don’t recommend that you rule this option out altogether either. Often, these kind folks can help you resolve an issue over the phone and prevent you from having to buy a costly solution.

Obviously, help is easy to find – You’ve just got to know where to look for it. Most of the contacts within these resources are extremely friendly and willing to take the time to walk you through a problem at little to no cost. From online discussion groups to the files on your own computer, help is often just a click away.

For best practices on how to minimize effects of any disaster or eliminates it entirely, check my books offer here 

Creative Solution to Shortage of Medical Equipment

Creativive Designs

It is amazing what you can achieve when you collaborate and this is exactly what happened in a hospital system which nearly collapsed due to problems associated with equipment failure by spare part sourcing compounded by inadequate workers. Timely intervention by joint efforts of nurses, engineers, technicians and students in equipment design and fabrication saved many patients from prevalent agony.

‘A critical shortage of working medical equipment is one reason so many women and babies cannot receive the health care services they need for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, resulting in needless deaths in developing countries, including Kenya’ The Maker Movement, (2016)

The design and fabrication of suction machine, phototherapy lights, and examination light in the pilot program is a welcome idea and it will go a long way to alleviate existing problems, meanwhile if the group sustain their effort to work together without prejudice, they will succeed with many other equipment. It is not an overstatement to say others should learn from this positive development.

There are other simple equipment you can try work on such as surgical operating light; slit lamp power supply unit; bipolar electrosurgical unit (bipolar diathermy); sterilizer and portable autoclave for CSSD and laboratory etc. Other areas in need of attention in many hospital include ample lighting in critical areas such as the ICU, NICU, Eye Clinic and Operating Room. Lighting in such location is compulsory 24/7 grid supply or not.

It is not compulsory to have it perfect at first attempt but through persistent study, giving sufficient time to research and development carrying others along working as a dedicated team, not ignoring anyone input and seek help when required, much will accomplish. you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; purchase ready-made components, restructure to suit your purpose, get those you can locally, import if necessary, do some local fabrication keeping it simple as much as possible but follow all standard regulations for safety especially.

Meanwhile, in the interim, train and retrain technical personnel in existence to update their knowledge and skills to maintain available infrastructure. Support and encourage your staff with funds for materials to facilitates proper Preventive Maintenance (PM), this will make your devices functional for a long period and minimize expenses on repair.

New Medical Equipment in Kenya Is Saving Lives of Mothers and Babies

Three tiny babies lie sleeping side-by-side in a single incubator in Kenyatta National Hospital’s Newborn Unit in Nairobi while nurses work busily around them. The unit in Kenya’s largest public hospital is a busy place and skilled staff members do all they can with overstretched resources, including a lack of functioning medical equipment.

Safety Tests for Leakage Current on Repaired Equipment

Version 1.40 (2-Feb-10) Copyright © 1994-2013 Samuel M. Goldwasser — All Rights Reserved — For contact info, please see the Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Email Links Page. Safety Tests for Leakage Current on Repaired Equipment It is always essential to test AFTER any repairs to assure that no accessible parts of the equipment have inadvertently been shorted…

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Guides to Testing, Troubleshooting and Repair of Medical Suction Unit

You will save a lot of precious time troubleshooting and repair if you adhere to normal maintenance routine tasks on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Follow these preliminary procedures to troubleshoot and maintain your device, it may possibly lead to the solution before attempting any repair; check it out in this link When your…

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