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Applications of Transformer 

The fundamental application of transformer includes Isolation Protection ⚡ Voltage Conversion as you normally encounter in distribution and power supply and Impedance Matching as employed for instance in amplification Some people are confused when they encounter transformer with multiple leads whether they are troubleshooting or fabricating, and some of the reasons are they don’t know which…

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Medical Laboratory Equipment Repair and Maintenance Solutions

By Jeremy Linder

Count on Quality Service Providers for Repair and Maintenance Solutions for Medical Equipment

Perfect functioning of medical lab equipment permits lab procedures to keep on going accurately and efficiently. Research facilities, healthcare centers, educational institutions and universities benefit from medical laboratory equipment repair and maintenance solutions to a great extent. Electrolyte analyzer, immunology analyzer, coagulation analyzer, co-oximeters, hematology analyzer, and blood gas analyzer are some medical devices that are often repaired and maintained. Timely and on-site maintenance of these devices is essential for consistent performance. Maintenance is inevitable for even high quality laboratory equipment to avoid any kind of breakdown. Medical laboratory equipment dealers also provide specialized after sales service to enhance the working of the equipment they sell.

Make Sure of the Reliable Performance of Your Medical Equipment

As time passes, the productivity of equipment is largely affected. Hence quality assurance procedures ensure functional competence and longevity of the medical lab equipment. The support of CCR-certified medical equipment suppliers can help to provide timely repair services at affordable rates. Experienced and qualified technicians repair and maintain all types of laboratory equipment featuring different technology and specifications. Regular and organized service often guarantees obligatory safety codes and standards for extended usage. Timely maintenance service also reduces the downtime of devices.

Take advantage of the service offered by trained technicians to assess the medical equipment and ensure flawless functioning. It is necessary to have timely maintenance solutions with respect to manufacturer’s stipulations when to components or reassembled. This allows enhanced performance with precision, thus ensuring total productivity and efficacy of medical laboratory equipment.

Bottom-line Benefits of Quality Repair and Maintenance Service

Are you looking for quality service for your laboratory equipment? Then always make sure to find trained and skilled technicians to repair and maintain lab equipment. Customized annual service contract is a good option. With efficient repair and maintenance service, steady performance is guaranteed for your equipment. Moreover, time bound in-house services and preventive maintenance also lower downtime to a great extent. You can also have the right to access extended warranty for putting back the medical laboratory equipment into seamless working order. In addition, you can have depot service deals for repair and maintenance of even smaller parts of medical equipment. Sales and supply of equipment parts in accordance with the present requirements keep your lab equipment up-to-date with the latest technology.

Association with a trustworthy provider of medical laboratory equipment repair and maintenance solutions always keeps your medical equipment in good operational condition for a long time. To obtain on-site service at affordable pricing it is better to partner with a CCR certified dealer. Such a dealer will offer quick and dependable services. Flawless and systematized maintenance solutions at all times help to reduce capital investment for purchasing devices of new make.

Established in 1980, Block Scientific is recognized for its outstanding efficiency in supplying the lab equipment ideal for your requirements. Our laboratory equipment selection is wide and varied.

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Linder, J. (2012, February 1). Medical Laboratory Equipment Repair and Maintenance Solutions. Retrieved March 31, 2016, from­Laboratory-­Equipment-­Repair-­and-­Maintenance-­Solutions&id=6855318



Creative Solution to Shortage of Medical Equipment

Creativive Designs

It is amazing what you can achieve when you collaborate and this is exactly what happened in a hospital system which nearly collapsed due to problems associated with equipment failure by spare part sourcing compounded by inadequate workers. Timely intervention by joint efforts of nurses, engineers, technicians and students in equipment design and fabrication saved many patients from prevalent agony.

‘A critical shortage of working medical equipment is one reason so many women and babies cannot receive the health care services they need for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, resulting in needless deaths in developing countries, including Kenya’ The Maker Movement, (2016)

The design and fabrication of suction machine, phototherapy lights, and examination light in the pilot program is a welcome idea and it will go a long way to alleviate existing problems, meanwhile if the group sustain their effort to work together without prejudice, they will succeed with many other equipment. It is not an overstatement to say others should learn from this positive development.

There are other simple equipment you can try work on such as surgical operating light; slit lamp power supply unit; bipolar electrosurgical unit (bipolar diathermy); sterilizer and portable autoclave for CSSD and laboratory etc. Other areas in need of attention in many hospital include ample lighting in critical areas such as the ICU, NICU, Eye Clinic and Operating Room. Lighting in such location is compulsory 24/7 grid supply or not.

It is not compulsory to have it perfect at first attempt but through persistent study, giving sufficient time to research and development carrying others along working as a dedicated team, not ignoring anyone input and seek help when required, much will accomplish. you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; purchase ready-made components, restructure to suit your purpose, get those you can locally, import if necessary, do some local fabrication keeping it simple as much as possible but follow all standard regulations for safety especially.

Meanwhile, in the interim, train and retrain technical personnel in existence to update their knowledge and skills to maintain available infrastructure. Support and encourage your staff with funds for materials to facilitates proper Preventive Maintenance (PM), this will make your devices functional for a long period and minimize expenses on repair.

New Medical Equipment in Kenya Is Saving Lives of Mothers and Babies

Three tiny babies lie sleeping side-by-side in a single incubator in Kenyatta National Hospital’s Newborn Unit in Nairobi while nurses work busily around them. The unit in Kenya’s largest public hospital is a busy place and skilled staff members do all they can with overstretched resources, including a lack of functioning medical equipment.

What to do When The Medical Suction Machine Fails?

HealthCareBefore starting a case, an anesthesiologist think through and its of interest to run through a quick checklist of machine; monitors; suction ; airways; IV; drugs etc. to ensure all needed stuffs are intact. There is a necessity to check all equipment and accessories especially the monitor; the anesthetic machine; and the suction apparatus. Notwithstanding, the user checked the items for availability, a Biomedical Equipment Technician need to ascertain all equipment are in good order to function.

Check the monitors for appropriate probes and secure sensors in place. Sensors are prone to damage through rough handling so its important to keep spare to avoid disappointment, inconveniences and embarrassment. Suction machine on its part are prone to fail due to leakages through cracked and worn-out rubber gasket at the edge of the lid for the reservoir bottle or from leaks at the joints between the patient nozzle and the reservoir; and between the plastic tubing and the catheter.

When you have checked the bottle is well covered and well sealed, the gasket rubber is not worn, you have a trusty patient plastic nozzle, yet the machine do not come up with usable suction pressure, you may need to check the pressure control knob if it’s opened, but if this is o.k. then, you need to get inside the machine itself. However, someone with technical knowledge is suitable for this tasks because a novice may leave the machine worst than he/she found it.

However, do not dismay if you are just starting out but you have some basic technical knowledge, you can confidently open the machine to check little error such as disconnected tubing but if the problem is more than that supervision in the workshop by more experienced technician is necessary.

The problem with the machine is probably caused by a leaky capacitor, or open fuse etc. or faulty electric motor especially if fluids managed to escape the cut-off-safety valve into the pump. After you the repair is complete and the machine is now sucking, for safety sake, carry out electrical safety test and do pressure calibration. You need to check the negative pressure with pressure meter and ensure it tally with reading on the gauge. To walk through necessary steps and to receive  updates information and support on medical suction machine and general medical equipment repair and management series, you can Subscribe to Our Mailing List and Newsletter or give your comment below.


Why is Electricity Indispensable?

Have ever wonder the grace upon mankind due to the resources we are blessed with? And strictly speaking the advent of electricity opens many doors to better and high standard of living. I do not think there is any place where we human lives that has not tasted parts of electricity, however I cannot deny the fact that despite widespread use of electricity, the benefits still eludes many. These commodity open doors of industrial revolution and the present information age we are presently are not sustainable if we underrate its existence.

If we clamor for massive youth employment which is often the slogan of any new government in developing countries especially, we have to pay serious attention to developing and consolidate our power and energy sector. Many would be entrepreneur of small to large-scale enterprises are helpless for lack of electric power because many industrial processes cannot complete without it. Mention any sector of the economy where electricity is not important? – Health, information or industrial.

As with food whose processes involve many things before getting to your dining table, processes of making electricity available is also involving. Generating, Distribution and Marketing are three major areas for any business producing electricity which create many enterprises for users.

Users employ electricity for lighting, heating/cooling, chemical processes, sound, motion or mechanical and in many other complex arenas, which is technically called effects of electricity.

For any person who desires a career in any engineering field be it sales, design, production or services knowledge of electricity is pertinent to success because hardly could you find any equipment not requiring the use of this resources, even purely mechanical devices like cars and caterpillars not to mention small household appliances. Understanding Basic Electricity and Electronics is a prerequisite to giant strides in biomedical electronics, electro-medical and industrial electricity and electronics.

If you live in a country where electricity is an essential commodity, you could generate small electricity for lighting purpose by burning fuel which is not the best for ecology meanwhile the use of fuel could be minimized when you know how to adequately store and convert the power for later use. However the advent of solar electricity and other renewable energy sources gas open doors for green energy.



The Electronics Knack

Curitiba Welcome to the journal which addresses issues relating to devices technologies usage, application, care and maintenance suitable for manufacturers to showcase their products, users to learn basic care and maintenance, technicians to enlarge their knowledge base, sales and managers in all aspects including medicine, homes, security, aviation, business, energy and etc. familiar with or knowledgeable in new trend in device technology.

The difference between the technology of the past and now is the ease with which equipment fails within shortest time as if they are produced to last awhile. In the past when you buy a device, except for gross abuse or users’ error, the machine is ready again to serve you after a minor adjustment or mere switch ON/OFF to reset, nowadays opposite is the case with tons of burdensome equipment junks littered around some places. While modernization is a welcoming idea, the idea of replacement against durability will leave nothing but disposal problems where recycling is not well embraced. However, despite propaganda by many ‘compromise manufacturers’ to keep them in continuous mass productions, many manufacturers maintains still their established integrity and veracity.

Therefore we need to understand some basics even as technology users so as to enjoy and relish its services while it last. Some knowledge of how equipment works, latest trends in development, users’ level care and maintenance, small to medium appliances repair, equipment reviews and market inclinations are necessities for equipment users, policy makers and decision takers. Some sections however address the needs of not only techies but beginners in electronics, technology and hobbyist with ideas in vogue aiming at enlarging their minds multiplying their experience. We should not forget so as not to lag, the age we are in – ‘the information age’ which reminds us of rapid changes occurring every moment.

We need also to join hands to lessen irreparable damages to the climate and bio diversity through ignorant dispose of and exit of prohibited refrigerant from old refrigerators and air conditioners to the atmosphere. It is painful seeing local HVAC technicians opened valve and allowing gas escape into free air which is not proper for the atmosphere; just consider the environmental pollution and damages to the ozone. Not only this, indiscriminate use of fossil fuels to power homes and in vehicles is grossly polluting the surrounding, limiting life expectancy through strange incurable sickness ; therefore knowledge of alternative energy sources, production, use and management is very important.

This paper ‘Electronics Knack’, may not report all the societal needs to solve prevailing, existing or future problems at a glance, but we will strive to bring to our subscribers first hand information to meet our needs as they arise.


Play Safe at Work Place

Electrical safety is a very essential factor for consideration in products that uses electricity. Safety issues are a must be considered before, during and after any electrical installation, design, production, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Electricity gives power to nearly every appliance we use on daily basis. There were reports of fatal issues related to electricity such…

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Safe Handling Electrical Devices

Electricity is widely embraced in every aspects of life today as it is almost if not impossible to find equipment not using electricity one way or the other though it is possible to find manual copy of some portable equipment especially find in the home for some light duties. Even though many people don’t know what it entails to produce this resource and its associated features, no doubt it is a significant part of life which we may not find a matching substitute.

Therefore it is a matter of necessity for you first as users, then as a Technician or Engineer, or whatever category to know how to handle this resource with respect in any area you may find it. Electricity is a very obedient servant when you respect it but it may become nasty if you disobey proper handling principles. I am not trying to scare you. Why would I do that? I have handled electricity as a kid now I am an adult and I am still handling it so fear not. You just need to get the information I am trying to share with you as a user or expert.

Let me assure you it is fun using, producing and working on electrical devices. The reason some stop pursuing courses related to electricity is fear but they still use it so why fear? If you are really interested in related career and not because they ask you or push you to it, then I assure you will find it interesting, funny, rewarding and fulfilling.

Lessons in Electrical Safety  is a prerequisite for anyone willing to work in any laboratory, workshop, and anywhere you will handle electrical apparatus and most especially to a student of electricity and electronics. No one has seen electricity but we see its effects in what it does like light, sound, motion, heating, if you don’t know, your body as human and body of animals generates electricity. Have you heard of electric eel?

There exist two types of electricity static and moving/current electricity which may divide into Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). A unit of electricity is Voltage or V so you see them write direct current or alternating current voltage. Anything which allows electric current to pass through it unhindered is a conductor while its opposite insulator would not allow electric current to pass at all, but there is an in between materials called semiconductor. These materials will either allow passage of electricity or not depending on certain conditions. Therefore to prevent danger inherent in electricity, use materials that does not permit electric current to flow, an insulator. Electric cable consists of conductor and insulator, the inner material is a metal conductor while the outer is rubber or another type of insulator. It is important to know some materials such as water and methylated spirit like other fluids are not truly conductors but they assists in smooth flow of electricity by offering some resistance when impurities is in them.

It is the responsibility of an on duty Technician to ensure safe use of electrical equipment at his or her care before handling over to users department and to ensure safe handling of that equipment by the user in a safe condition and environment. It is also pertinent for the technician to ensure the equipment is safe for handling at all time especially when using in wet areas is inevitable. Electrical Safety Test is a must to carry out on regular basis especially when you have just install or repaired the equipment. You may want to know more about electrical safety for technician and users especially in offices, home and hospital environment then check it out soonest.


Get Knowledge get Wisdom


A giant ship failed. The ship’s owner tries one expert one after another, but none of them could figure how to fix the engine. Then, they brought in an old man who had been fixing ships since he was young. He carried a large bag of tools with him, and when he arrived, he immediately went to work. He inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom.

Two of the ship’s owners were there, watching this man, hoping he would know what to do. After looking things over, the old man reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life. He carefully put his hammer away. The engine was fixed!

A week later, the owners received a bill from the old man for ten thousand dollars.

Construction-guy ‘What?’ the owners exclaimed. ‘He hardly did anything!’ so they wrote the man a note saying, “Please send an itemized bill.” The man sends a bill that reads:

Tapping with hammer…………………………………………..$2.00

Knowing where to tap…………………………………………………. $9998.00

Effort is important but, where to make an effort makes the whole difference!

What stands you out day in day out is KNOWLEDGE! Never stop acquiring it.



NOTE: “Your knowledge and your skills are the best assets in your tool kits.” Acquire it!





How Radio Frequency Identification Chip Can Track Assets, Vehicles and People

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Have you heard about Radio Frequency ID? This is the new technology! If you are a businessman or even an ordinary man, this RFID is very important to us.

Samuel Foluso Olabode‘s insight:

RFID is a leading edge technology and it’s of great importance in healthcare facilities to track and to locate patients, equipment, and medication and provides access control to restricted areas. Hospital staff especially in large hospital spends valuable time searching for equipment and has to maintain tons of paper and books which has to be updated regularly for record keeping. RFID not only helps you track your assets, it also minimizes the use of paper. How does RFID works?

See on