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How Do Remote Switch On Off Appliances?

How Remote Switch On Off a Circuit?

How remote switch on off? To remote on off a circuit by means of a relay activated by the remote control, the remote control sends out or transmits a radio or infrared signal and there is a receiver which receives the signal sent by the remote. The receiver is inside the small board with relay(s) and it alternates the condition of the relay between open and close to connect or disconnect your circuit. Someone may ask why do I need remote control switch in the home?

  • To remotely control your car amp from a distance
  • To control many appliances like garage doors, lights, cranes from a distance
  • For safety and security purposes
  • To control heavy gadgets

You can use this method to remotely control the on or off functions of many lights at an instant; control the movement of garage doors; and many appliances and equipment you might think off. You can use this in your house or factory. You have a receiver switch on each light or group of lights you want to control. Or a relay in a receiver switch for each equipment or appliance you want to control.Relay are either mechanical or electronic switch. If mechanical, they are switch activated by a coil. They are of different types based on how they configure for example, S P S T or Single Pole Single Throw which is no different from a wall switch except its being activated by a coil when it receives a command.

When you connect the appliance you want to control to the NC contact of your relay, it means the appliance is always ON (or Arm) when the relay has not received a command. Therefore when the relay receives a command or control signal, the device turn OFF (or Disarm). On the other hand, when your gadget connects to power via a NO contact, the device is always in the OFF position until you energize the relay to turn it ON. Watch the video below to see a typical relay switch in action.


How Can I Protect My Car From Theft?

How Do I Protect My Car from Theft?

How do I protect my car from theft? Car or vehicle are not ordinarily a luxury but working tool as well and for this reason it is important to know how to protect it from being stolen. One reason why criminal steal a car from where you park is when it was easy for them to take the car or when valuables you left in the car when you park entice them.

Therefore the subject of this article is to consider avoid car theft and this is by prevention. It is therefore do all you can to avoid it because If ever you recover the vehicle from the criminal, they may have batter it or tampered with it. Objects like purse, bag, mobile phone and lots more do attract people thief to break the window or worst still take the car away.

Best Methods to Prevent Car Theft

How do I protect my car from being stolen? The best thing to prevent car theft is to install a physical stop car theft device and this is even going to help your insurance. Thieves are always looking for easy target, it is therefore imperative to always

  • lock your car,
  • park in open area especially if there is camera,
  • take your valuables away from the car,
  • Install Devices to prevent car theft which comes in different shape and sizes and include vehicle immobilized systems that prevent thieves from hot-wiring your car.

You can actually

The vehicle immobilize is synonymous to 2-Factor authorization used in login to pages in computer. It works same way like remote switch on or off appliances.

You can also Install a GPS type tracking system for car also known as any device locator. This device to protect my car serves the purpose to let you know whereabouts of your car if the car is missing or stolen, and a tracker installed in the car it is a good device to intimate police exact location of the car.  


What Are Car Gps Trackers and How Do They Work?Jeremy Laukkonen –

How to Make Remote Control Light Switch?

Remote Control On Off Switch

You could turn ON or OFF any device at home or anywhere by remote control for safety or conveniences. Such devices include your gate or garage door; lights, car amp., and any gadget you could think of.  There some equipment you better control from a long distance depending on the coverage distance of the remote control. The more powerful is the WiFi remote control using mobile phone. Our focus is to make remote control light switch to control a light or many in private or public buildings.

There are many wireless lamp switches at very good prices however they have limited range compared to what you want. Therefore, if you want to make remote control light switch from about 100-200 feet away, a sure-bet is to use a wireless remote control light switch. It has relays in the receiver board equal to the number of lights (or group) you would like to control. It is suitable to control other devices like garage doors, window blinds and many devices you may think of.

Make Remote Control Light Switch with WiFi or Bluetooth

Other version of this wireless module employs WiFi or Bluetooth technology which helps you whether you want to turn on your furnace from your mobile phone when coming home from work or have your lights turn on at dusk or off at dawn, and lots more. The control board contained a relay or more which couples by wireless to the remote switch. Relay has sets of normally opened or normally closed contact which is simply to close or open a contact. And, when you understand how it works, configure and connect properly to your device, then it will bid your command at will. See below in the video a demonstration of how to use the wireless remote control switch.

Additional advantage of smart home WiFi switch include the ability to turn ON or Off devices using your phone from anywhere and it’s not restricted to a particular distance range.

Anesthesia Machine System

Anesthesia Machine System Main Characteristics

Anesthesia system also known as anesthesia workstation consists of the ‘anesthesia machine’, ventilator and breathing system. Others are scavenging system and monitors. Further to these, you may add drug delivery system, suction machine and data management system.

The anesthesia machine

Anesthesia machines comes in variety of shapes and sizes. Anesthetic machine use and working principles is the same with different machines. However, added features from manufacturers separate between each type. Apart from this, parts may differ by shape and size but still call by the same name. For example, Vapourizer. check vaporizer for Boyle’s anesthetic machine which is different from draeger.

Because of danger of electrostatic discharge, body of anesthetic machine and accessories are produced with anti static material.

Anesthetic Machine Parts

Anesthetic machine parts include but not limited to the following: Rotameters or flow meters, vaporizing bottles also known as vaporizer and oxygen gas. Others are anesthetic vapor, nitrogen supply, carbon dioxide supply and breathing circuit accessories. Further are oxygen flush, cylinder yokes, soda lime canister, sensors  and gas regulators.Anesthesia Machine

The Anesthesia Machine CWM-301C
  • The anesthesia ventilator uses a pneumatically-operated electronic control mode, a 10.1-inch color LCD display that monitors various breathing parameters.
  • It is suitable for the medical department to perform circulatory tightness, semi-closed, semi-open inhalation anesthesia, controlled or assisted breathing, and monitoring and display of patient’s ventilation parameters.
  • High precision evaporator with precise concentration control. Advanced temperature, flow and pressure compensation techniques are used.There are various evaporators such as enflurane, isoflurane, and sevoflurane.
  • The integrated anesthesia breathing system (external respiration circulation circuit) has good sealing performance, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning and disinfection, and can withstand high temperature of 134°C. (According to the needs of users, optional buried sensor integrated anesthesia breathing system and loop heating system).

This machine is just one in our list and feel free to Contact Us for more information or Request a Quote

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

What an advantage it is to get free lights for your comfort at night? There are many ways to light your corridor at night but not without a cost. The cost of this solar-powered outdoor lights is the initial cost to purchase the item. Then the cost of exposing the solar panel/lantern to sun’s rays during the day.

If you’re not tight on a budget, you could have a central solar system installation for your facility. for more information on that go to  solar panel installation with everything ready-made. However, if you just need to light few bulbs at night then you can choose to buy some of the single standalone unit.

Any solar system consists of solar panel, batteries and battery charger. Others are  charge regulator for fairly large to very large installation, low voltage battery disconnect and of course the load. The load in this case is the bulb.

This product may not require a charge regulator because it use low power. At the same time, it is a complete product. However, you can go smart when you combine the tiny solar panels in parallel like say six for example for more power output.

solar powered outdoor lights


Solar Powered  Outdoor Lights Design Option

Design method for solar outdoor light varies. A design make use of a single cell (battery) which supply high frequency pulse current to a powerful LED bulb. It has the same result on the LED as a dc supply with the advantage that it uses half of the power. The battery and charger are inside the base/handle of the bulb. You can use any of two options to charge the bulb, either from mains electric grid power or pure sunlight.

In the design for this solar-powered outdoor lights, they make provision for rainy and brighter days. The solar panel has enough solar cells to provide enough charging when sun is not bright.

Anesthetizing Location PM for non flammable

Definitions of Anesthetizing Location What is an anesthetizing location? An anesthetizing location is an area of the hospital. This area assigned by the hospital for the normal administration of an inhalation anesthetic agent. And in most cases, this refers only to operating rooms and delivery rooms. What is the meaning of non flammable location? As the…

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Dimmer Switch Unit vs Regular Switch?

Dimmer switch Unit vs Regular Switch?

You can turn on any lights be it at home, in a machine, or vehicle by using the ‘regular switch’ but sometimes for some reasons you don’t want the full beam of light therefore, you use the dimmer switch unit so you can go from high beam to low beam and vice versa. Regular switch simply provide two switching levels ON or OFF.

Sometimes the arrangement is three positions, that is, high, low and off. However some applications demand smooth control of light intensity between low and high. In this case intensity is continuously variable using any of different variations and technique used for dimmer. There are different Variations of Dimmer Switch including:

  1. Programmable control via ARDUINO etc.
  2. Some phase shift control by TRIAC
  3. PWM power control
  4. Simple transistor control
  5. Steps Transformer Control
  6. Potentiometer/Rheostat
Where is a dimmer switch useful?

A dimmer is actually power control device. It will work with incandescent and LED lights, and DC motors; also heating elements such as power control of heating devices like heating element in Water Bath, Incubator, and hot air oven/sterilizers. However there are design variations and degree of complexities. Simple dimmer do not give smooth control but it does work. One good thing about this is that it is durable and sustainable. Precision not seriously but it is accurate.

Dimmer Switch is used in:

  • Light intensity control for ophthalmic equipment like microscope: ophthalmoscope, slit lamp, bipolar coagulation diathermy etc.
  • Light intensity control for homes and apartment
  • Could be adapted to speed control of small electric motors
  • Oven control
Dimmer switch unit
auto transformer power control
How do I make a simple Dimmer switch?

The simplest dimmer switch is a variable resistor also commonly called rheostat. However, rheostat wastes lot of power as heat, hence it is good where power loss is not important. You achieve control by varying the resistance between the light and the power supplies. When using variable resistor in a circuit to vary brightness of a light bulb, you make the resistance greater when you want a dimming experience.

At the same time, you make the resistance smaller when you want a brighter light setting. You increase resistance by increasing the length of the path of resistive material through which the electrons have to flow. Meanwhile, you decrease resistance by decreasing the length of the path.

Solenoid Water Control Valve

What is a solenoid water control valve?

A solenoid water control valve is an electromagnetic device. It function to open or close access to water flow. We can use to open or close access to any fluid such as a gas or oil etc.  The video below demonstrates different component within a typical solenoid valve.

(1) Inside a cheap ebay solenoid water valve  from YouTube

Any current carrying coil will produce a magnetic field. This exert a mechanical force of attraction or repulsion on any magnetic object. It produce the same effect like a permanent magnet. However, in this  case it is an electromagnet because it become a magnet through a current carrying coil. That is, the field could be made to turn ON or OFF as desired by switching the current through the coil ON or OFF signal. This magnetic effect find applications in magnetic relay, solenoid and some other types of transducers.

What is a solenoid valve?

A solenoid is a device that produces mechanical motion when a current carrying conductor coil receives electric current. The movable portion of a solenoid is the armature. A relay is a solenoid set up to activate switch contacts. This occur when its coil receives electric current. The minimum amount of coil current to actuate a solenoid or or relay from its “normal” (de-energized) position is Pull-In current. Drop-out current is the maximum coil current below which an energized relay will return to its “normal” state. See how a solenoid valve works.solenoid water control valve

Armature is the movable magnetic object, and you can move most armatures with either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) energizing the coil. The polarity of the magnetic field is not important for the purpose of attracting an armature. Therefore. you can use solenoids to open door latches by electrical means, open or shut valves, move robotic limbs, and even actuate electric switch mechanisms. Like a relay, a solenoid valve may be normally open or normally closed.

However, signal to energize the solenoid valve could come from a remote switch or another transducer. This may be light sensing, heat sensing or pressure. Others are magnetic sensing, or whatever we desire as our signal source.

Soldering How to Guide

How to Solder Soldering how to guide focuses on soldering for beginners and how to solder different components using different methods. This information care for the experienced as much as newbies. At first soldering can seem discouraging, when you give it a try, you will find it easy and simple in most applications. Like everything…

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Anesthetic Machine Failure

Anesthetic Machine Uses

A continuous flow anesthetic machine is most commonly used in advanced  countries of the world. Although its used in many developing countries too.  Its purpose is to deliver accurate and continuous supply of oxygen, nitrous and any other medical gases. In the flow, the oxygen mixes with accurate concentrated anesthetic vapor such as halothane or isoflurane. Further, the mixture is delivering to the patient at a reduced and save pressure through gas regulators and flow meters. However, some anesthetic machine includes ventilator, suction, and patient monitors.

Anesthetic machine failure

Best Anesthetic Machine

It’s nice buying new machine which is affordable compared to used ones. Sometimes, refurbished are not proper and you are unsure of its status. Especially for life saving device like anesthetic machines. Anesthetic machines and ventilator just like other medical equipment are sensitive. Therefore, requires standards especially the vaporizer, rotameter also known as flow meter.

Components which causes anesthetic machine failure include the gas regulators/and gauges requires competent personnel to carry out proper standard tests and calibration. This at most obviously out of reach in most developing countries. You need equipment sources with warranty and maintenance plan. Be it new or refurbished equipment, the margin in price are usually very small. I always recommend new equipment to my clients. You can choose between branded and generic machine and each of them have merits and demerits. Do you need good quality anesthetic machine with ventilator and patent monitor backed with technical and users level training? Contact us for more information.

Anesthetic Machine Failure

Anesthetic machine failure include leakages which are the most common problem with all appliances using air and gas and anesthetic machines and Ventilator are no exceptions. These happen through the joints, and fittings; also through the gas pressure reducing valve (regulators) or the flow meters and this is usually as a result of aged O –rings, ruptured rubber, corrugated tubing and host of many others. However it is imperative to test and confirm there is no leakage of gas be it nitrous, oxygen, air and the anesthetic vapors.

Precautions Handling Anesthetic Equipment
  1. Ensure NO OIL or Grease to avoid fire or explosion
  2. Tight-to-tight! Do not over-tight screws, bolts and nuts to avoid breakage because tubing, piping, nuts and screws are essentially copper and or brass materials.
  3. Use threading tapes for tight fit
  4. Ensure Anesthetic and Operating Rooms floor contains  anti-static rubber materials. Anti Static floor tiles prevents static buildup in the presence of anesthetic vapours.

For more information about medical equipment and (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturers training, kindly make a request through our Facebook page messenger to us. Include your Email address in your post please. Or you may want to contact us. Meanwhile look forward to our new book ‘The Insiders Guide to Basic Medical Equipment Repairs.”