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Sparkling electronics is about “Training on Electronics, HVAC, and Medical Equipment”, provides training for Electrical/Electronics, HVAC, and Medical Equipment Technician. We specialize in providing training for technicians in the field of electronics and medical equipment. The online training course is intended for technicians, electricians, and other qualified individuals who want to learn how to create or modify, install, maintain, and troubleshoot electrical systems.

The training program is a self-paced, flexible and affordable, comprehensive program for technicians in the Electronics, HVAC, Medical Equipment fields of study and/or service technicians who have been on the field for a long time.

Sparkling Electronics to catch them young

  1. Basic Electricity for future inventors
  2. Basic Electronics for future inventors
Sparkling Electronics, HVAC, and Medical Equipment for All

It is essential for everyone concerned with proper equipment working to regularly renew their knowledge on best practices. This including students. And, we achieve this through hands on practices, focusing the important contents of the trade.

The skills to maintain, install or service air conditioning, refrigeration, and medical devices is Handy. Learn the Skills Now

Training for Electronics, HVAC, Medical Equipment for All

Medical Equipment and

Heating, Ventilation And Cooling

Solar Electricity and

Basic Industrial Electrical Systems

Practical Electronics and Innovation Technologies