Information on Sparkling Electronics

Sparkling Electronics specializes in providing training for technicians in the fields of electronics, HVAC, and medical equipment. The training program is a self-paced, flexible and affordable, comprehensive program. It is suitable for students as well as experienced technicians who have been on the job for a long time.

Electronics for kids

  • Basic electricity for future inventors
  • Basic Electronics for future inventors
Electronics, HVAC, and Medical Equipment for Everyone

Everyone involved in appropriate equipment functioning must frequently refresh their knowledge of recommended practices. Students are included in this. We do this via hands-on practice, concentrating on the most critical aspects of the profession.

Air conditioning, refrigeration, and medical device maintenance, installation, and servicing capabilities are useful. Learn the skills right now.

Training for Electronics, HVAC, Medical Equipment for All

Medical Equipment and

Heating, Ventilation And Cooling

Solar Electricity and

Basic Industrial Electrical Systems

Practical Electronics and Innovation Technologies