Medical Suction Machine Fails! What to do?

medical suction machine Medical suction machine is one of the must check before starting a case. An anesthesiologist think through and its of interest to run through a quick checklist of machine; monitors; suction ; airways; IV; drugs etc. to ensure all needed stuffs are intact. There is a necessity to check all equipment and accessories especially the monitor; the anesthetic machine; and the suction apparatus. Notwithstanding, the user checked the items for availability. A Biomedical Equipment Technician need to ascertain all equipment are in good order to function.

Equipment Checklist Before a Procedure

Check the monitors for appropriate probes and secure sensors in place. Sensors are prone to damage through rough handling so its important to keep spare to avoid disappointment, inconveniences and embarrassment. Suction machine on its part are prone to fail due to leakages. The leakages come through cracked and worn-out rubber gasket. This occur at the edge of the lid for the reservoir bottle or from leaks at the joints between the patient nozzle and the reservoir. Similarly, between the plastic tubing and the catheter.

When you have checked the bottle is well covered and well sealed, the gasket rubber may be worn. Similarly if you have a trusty patient plastic nozzle, yet the machine do not come up with usable suction pressure, then, you may need to check the pressure control knob if it’s opened. However, if this is o.k. then, you need to get inside the machine itself. However, someone with technical knowledge is suitable for this tasks because a novice may leave the machine worst than he/she found it.

Problems with Medical Suction Machine

However, do not dismay if you are just starting out but you have some basic technical knowledge, you can confidently open the machine to check little error such as disconnected tubing but if the problem is more than that supervision in the workshop by more experienced technician is necessary. Meanwhile, you can learn more about suction devices

The problem with the machine is probably caused by a leaky capacitor, or open fuse etc. or faulty electric motor especially if fluids managed to escape the cut-off-safety valve into the pump. After you the repair is complete and the machine is now sucking, for safety sake, carry out electrical safety test and do pressure calibration. You need to check the negative pressure with pressure meter and ensure it tally with reading on the gauge. To walk through necessary steps and to receive  updates information and support on medical suction machine and general medical equipment repair and management series, you can Subscribe to Our Mailing List and Newsletter or give your comment below.

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