Wind and Solar Power Systems

Solar and Wind Power System

Wind and solar power systems make use of the following components and materials to set it up. When size those components correctly will produce enough power for your use. You can equally sell excess power to the grid. Listed below are major components for your power project.

Many solar projects fail where they need it most. The reason is not far-fetched. Likewise, most failure arises from improper component sizing or missing parts, Again, some components are very small, yet are crucial to proper function of the system.

wind and solar power systems

Success Factors for wind and solar power systems
  1. Enough batteries to maintain the state of charge for a long time and a minimize state of discharge.
  2. Large enough solar panels to provide sufficient charging current even at an off-peak period.
  3. Correct size charge controller in the voltage and current
  4. Voltage controller in system when you don’t need battery
  5. Size of cable. Position the battery very close to the solar panels and charge controller as possible to minimize cost because you will need large conductor size for high power output.
  6. The secret of successful solar and wind installer is the low voltage battery disconnect they incorporate in the system.
  7. Inverter type and sizes. You would not install a square wave inverter where you need a pure sine wave. Otherwise the system would fail because it would not be able to power equipment for which it sufficiently.

In essence, some people think anyone could install solar without sufficient knowledge and skills. Yes! You can learn it and acquire the knowledge and meanwhile, seek support from experienced source when needed.

For some installation, you may include charging the battery by mains grid supplies. This is the case you use the system as a backup Uninterrupted Power  Supplies systems.

For your wind power system, you cannot feed the output of the alternator directly to the load. This is because current and voltage from this system is erratic. Therefore, you need battery to receive charging current from the dynamo, then the battery feeds the inverter which in turn feed the load. You may as well use the voltage from the directly to power low voltage direct current.


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