Anesthetizing Location PM for non flammable

Definitions of Anesthetizing Location

What is an anesthetizing location? An anesthetizing location is an area of the hospital. This area assigned by the hospital for the normal administration of an inhalation anesthetic agent. And in most cases, this refers only to operating rooms and delivery rooms.

What is the meaning of non flammable location? As the name implies, a non flammable location is a location that, by issuance of a hospital policy. It is mainly for non flammable inhalation anesthetizing agents use.anesthetizing location

PM Procedure for Non Flammable Anesthetic Location
  • First of all, inspect the area for the existence of abnormal conditions. Such conditions include chipped or peeling paint or wall coverings. Others are broken electrical and gas receptacle covers, and burned out lamps.
  • Meanwhile, check for conditions that detract from the aesthetic appearance of the area.
  • Similarly, check minor mechanical and electrical equipment for integrity and function. Meanwhile, perform minor adjustments on equipment and provide lubrication for equipment as required.
  • Provide general cleaning and vacuuming for equipment and portions of areas not accessible to housekeeping.
  • Check appropriate electrical equipment for ground continuity (Electrical safety test #3, 0.15 ohm maximum.
  • Further, test the polarity and tension of electrical receptacles (Electrical safety test #1, 8 oz. minimum.)
  • Then, test for alarm condition of the line isolation monitor using an appropriate (2 or 5 MA) simulated fault load. (Electrical safety test #6.)
  • Furthermore, check the anesthetizing room grounding environment. (Electrical safety test #2, 40 milliamperes or 0.15 ohms maximum.)

In fact, carrying out those PM (preventive maintenance) procedure will maintain acceptable standards for the operating rooms. Not only operating room but also emergency rooms. Electrical safety tests which is a prerequisite verifies every equipment for compliance. PM is not only for equipment and machines. Besides, it concerns the building as well. The aesthetic and cleaning of the building and its surrounding is also important.

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