Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

What an advantage it is to get free lights for your comfort at night? There are many ways to light your corridor at night but not without a cost. The cost of this solar-powered outdoor lights is the initial cost to purchase the item. Then the cost of exposing the solar panel/lantern to sun’s rays during the day.

If you’re not tight on a budget, you could have a central solar system installation for your facility. for more information on that go to  solar panel installation with everything ready-made. However, if you just need to light few bulbs at night then you can choose to buy some of the single standalone unit.

Any solar system consists of solar panel, batteries and battery charger. Others are  charge regulator for fairly large to very large installation, low voltage battery disconnect and of course the load. The load in this case is the bulb.

This product may not require a charge regulator because it use low power. At the same time, it is a complete product. However, you can go smart when you combine the tiny solar panels in parallel like say six for example for more power output.

solar powered outdoor lights


Solar Powered  Outdoor Lights Design Option

Design method for solar outdoor light varies. A design make use of a single cell (battery) which supply high frequency pulse current to a powerful LED bulb. It has the same result on the LED as a dc supply with the advantage that it uses half of the power. The battery and charger are inside the base/handle of the bulb. You can use any of two options to charge the bulb, either from mains electric grid power or pure sunlight.

In the design for this solar-powered outdoor lights, they make provision for rainy and brighter days. The solar panel has enough solar cells to provide enough charging when sun is not bright.

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