How Do Remote Switch On Off Appliances?

How Remote Switch On Off a Circuit?

How remote switch on off? To remote on off a circuit by means of a relay activated by the remote control, the remote control sends out or transmits a radio or infrared signal and there is a receiver which receives the signal sent by the remote. The receiver is inside the small board with relay(s) and it alternates the condition of the relay between open and close to connect or disconnect your circuit. Someone may ask why do I need remote control switch in the home?

  • To remotely control your car amp from a distance
  • To control many appliances like garage doors, lights, cranes from a distance
  • For safety and security purposes
  • To control heavy gadgets

You can use this method to remotely control the on or off functions of many lights at an instant; control the movement of garage doors; and many appliances and equipment you might think off. You can use this in your house or factory. You have a receiver switch on each light or group of lights you want to control. Or a relay in a receiver switch for each equipment or appliance you want to control.Relay are either mechanical or electronic switch. If mechanical, they are switch activated by a coil. They are of different types based on how they configure for example, S P S T or Single Pole Single Throw which is no different from a wall switch except its being activated by a coil when it receives a command.

When you connect the appliance you want to control to the NC contact of your relay, it means the appliance is always ON (or Arm) when the relay has not received a command. Therefore when the relay receives a command or control signal, the device turn OFF (or Disarm). On the other hand, when your gadget connects to power via a NO contact, the device is always in the OFF position until you energize the relay to turn it ON. Watch the video below to see a typical relay switch in action.


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