Electronics Board Assembly

Electronics Board Assembly is a special job for an electronic technician, most especially in prototyping, or research. Tasks involve in this job include cable assembly, electronic components mounting, and soldering etc. The technician should be able to read and explain electronics assembly drawing, read and take schematic and or circuit diagram. The whole idea is to put the components into the printed circuit board and working correctly. This position also consider knowledge of electrical safety and classes of equipment as important.

Use of printed circuit board make the job easier and for mass production. This is unlike the past where components are hard wired together. Knowledge of schematic drawing and pcb layout editor is an essential skill for this job. This may not be too much of a priority for contract staff hire for this task but for the technician this is part of personal development curriculum.

Component Electronics Board  Assembly

All electrical and electronic components has different symbol to know one from the other. We use this symbol to know each component in a circuit diagram. For example, transistor is different from a capacitor. Though, some component may look the same but their look in the diagram is not. A power bipolar transistor look like a fixed voltage regulator, a thyristor and a field effect transistors.

The only thing to tell apart by looking is their part number. Further to this, know the difference between passive and active components is important. This is because you take priority to assemble the passive before the active because active components have more threats to damage. The damages in danger of too much heat and electrostatic discharge.

Electronic components pinouts

Electronics components pin out for Electronics Board Assembly

Pinouts for a part number of a component may be different for the same component of different part number. Take care to insert the right legs in the PCB board before soldering.

The pinouts shown in the picture above display different shape for the same voltage regulator. The same is true for transistors, capacitor, transformer, and integrated circuits (IC). The same thing relates to triac, diodes, opto isolator or optocoupler, etc.


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