Technical Support Team

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Our technical support team believe equipment must perform its primary functions and safe to use by the users. This happens when they are well set up, configured and calibrated to deliver as expected. Medical equipment may fail for many reasons such as natural occurrence, environmental and aging of components . It’s the duty of competent personnel to keep these machines in good shape to minimize failures and to restore them within shortest time.

Technical Support Team Services include:
  • As number one in our technical support agenda, we organize and deliver Users Level Training to carry out user level maintenance, care, proper use of equipment and documentation. Cleaning is a simple maintenance acts but it does a lot to prevent blockages of vents and filters. This a skill to which is not available to many because you have to do it properly otherwise you end up damaging the equipment.
  • Technician Training  and re training is crucial for care, preventive and corrective maintenance. Also keeping proper records, troubleshooting and repair, equipment setup, calibration, and commissioning. A technician must know medical equipment function and operation together with medical equipment problem solving.
  • Medical equipment are just not off the shelf equipment. For this reason , it is wise to seek wise counsel before taking major decision regarding equipping your facilities.  We offer Consulting Services for organizations in need. This service span from taking decision through purchase of equipment and machines, installation, and managing.

We understood how important it is to keep your equipment up and running, that is why we offer fast response times and tailored solution to fit your operational and budgetary needs. We commit to the highest standards of product quality, personal integrity, and impeccable customer care. Feel free to contact us to discuss any areas we might assist or collaborate with you


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