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We imparts our students and trainee through training and seminar activities. They are engaging and dynamic learning program prepared for interested individual at any level of experience or familiarity with mechanic system, electricity and electronics. You do not need to have much knowledge of electricity or electronics, we take you from where you are. The training and seminar activities include the following:

Ophthalmic equipment maintenance and repair

In ophthalmology, the use of sophisticated instruments has been on the increase as much due to increased demand for eye-care services. For this reason, the needs to ensure equipment are in optimal working conditions. Sometimes, knowledge of ophthalmic equipment by clinical staff is crucial for efficient use of that equipment.

Training and Seminar on Emergency lighting system

This system includes backup light installation which is an important lighting in buildings outdoor and indoor. How would you feel when you are at the middle of something important, the light suddenly goes off? You will surely feel bad that is why it is mandatory to include emergency lighting system in Intensive Care Units. Not only there, but anywhere you need 24/7 electricity supplies.

Heating, Ventilation, Air, and Cooling Systems (HVAC).

You cannot overemphasis the need for controlled climate especially in humid, cold and temperate environment. This is a method to making the environment conducive to live. While making your life more comfortable, you don’t make it hard for others that is why it is important to do heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling (HVAC) business right way.  In this training, you will understand among others how to recover or recharge your hvac system with refrigerant without polluting the atmosphere.

Other training topics include the following;

  • Diagnostic medical equipment repair
  • Therapeutic Equipment
  • Basic small appliances repair
  • Solar Electricity and heating systems
  • Equipment for operating and emergency rooms
  • Electrical installation of building

Our Seminars Includes Specific Subject and Topic(s) within the major training program highlighted above plus future upgrade. For more details about the training and seminars topics kindly contact us.

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