Vocational Skills for Acquisition

Acquire needed experience before your first full employment; you are a potential specialist in your chosen career. It is rewarding when you are competent, confident and reliable.

As a graduate at any level, your technical education and knowledge is important and priceless. People and organization are ready to pay for your skills when you have it. Most times, ‘what is worth doing at all is worth doing better’. Acquire skills for self-reliant, you could be an employer of labor when you know how to do something very well. There are lots of work but few jobs available. Register Today


  • Better employ-ability local and international job
  • Certification: local and international
  • Understand how things works and Creativity
  • Effective maintenance, repair and management skills
  • Vocational skills

At the end of the training program, a trainee graduate acquires the skills for (Basic Program):

  • Creativity and designs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Innovations
  • Introduction to electrical codes understanding
  • Introduction to ICT

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Remember! Time is so precious that what is lost today is not regained quickly.

There are lots of work-few jobs available. Register Today

  • Become a Computer Expert in 7 Days or Less. and Be Able To Install Software, Troubleshoot Problems; Upgrade Your Own PC And Help Others.


Practical Electronics and Innovation Technologies